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Feminie hygiene products are among the least frequently donated items. A reason for this is that they are very expensive. The stigma around period products creates humiliation when asking for feminine hygiene products. We are raising up a generation that is erasing shame and voicing its needs. We aim to supply this generation with the basic necessity of feminine hygiene products. As a grassroots organization, we directly see the positive effect of our fundraising and the impact that free feminine hygiene supplies can have on the community.

Meet The Team

Together we can make a difference

Kavya Parikh

Founder and Executive Director

Kavya, Founder and Executive Director Tampon Express, is a high school senior from Marlton, New Jersey. A devoted fine artist and dancer, Kavya is known for having created “A Lexicon of a Novel Virus”, the acclaimed map of ink and gel that represents the lexicon of fear and hope stretching across the United States at the start of the pandemic in Spring of 2020. “A Lexicon of a Novel Virus” is presently on display at the Evesham Township Library.

She is also the composer of “Generation Misinformation”. Currently on display at Medplus Drugs and Surgicals, “Generation Misinformation” is a collage of New York Times headlines, images, and snippets which encompass the major news stories of the Covid-19 pandemic. Kavya is also an Indian classical and Indo-contemporary dancer, participating and winning many competitions. Additionally, she has engaged in research with mentorship from professors from Columbia University and the University of Cambridge on topics ranging from healthcare for single mothers and abortion privacy.Kavya has a deep passion for helping the world and empowering every individual to reach their greatest potential. This cause is one that Kavya holds close to her heart, and will continue to advocate for throughout her academic and professional careers.

Thank you for joining the fight against period poverty.

Sai Nikhil Kaveti

Director of Business Operations

Sai Nikhil Kaveti, a born leader and efficient worker from Marlton, NJ, is strongly dedicated to social impact. Fluent in both English and Telugu, with a limited proficiency in Latin, Sai Nikhil's linguistic and cultural versatility enriches his contributions to the organization. With a robust set of experiences in store building, affiliate marketing, start-ups, and investing gained through internships and personal endeavors, he brings a wealth of practical knowledge and strategic insights to his role.

Distinguishing himself academically at Cherokee High School, Sai Nikhil maintains a rigorous course load and demonstrates a commitment to excellence in his studies. With a keen interest in finance, he plans to major in finance in college, leveraging his analytical skills to drive strategic decision-making.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sai Nikhil is an avid traveler who loves to both play and watch sports. Despite his busy schedule, he prioritizes his relationships with others above all else. Sai Nikhil’s commitment to fostering meaningful connections underscores his approach to leadership, teamwork, and advocacy. Known for his excellent interpersonal skills, Sai Nikhil effectively collaborates with team members and stakeholders to achieve common goals that benefit all. He spearheads initiatives at Tampon Express to optimize operational efficiency, cultivate strategic partnerships, and maximize resource utilization to advance the mission of menstrual equity.

Sai Nikhil's unwavering dedication to advocacy and his ability to inspire others embody Tampon Express's commitment to breaking down barriers and promoting equitable access to menstrual hygiene products.

Nitya Yenumula

Board Member

Nitya Yenumula is a high schooler from Marlton, New Jersey. She has a great appreciation for the arts and strives to give back to the community through this approach. Nitya’s interest in advocating for the dignity and health of women puts this tool to use. She uses her voice in writing to educate others on topics involving women’s health.

Beyond her advocacy, Nitya’s creative side is fueled by her interest in the arts, from color pencils to paints. While art plays a huge role in her life, she has a yearning for STEM-related subjects. Nitya manages to balance her demanding academic life with pristine time management skills and ambition. As a 3-year student council executive board member, she demonstrates quality leadership skills that involve finding a common denominator amongst all participants in a group as well as showcasing assertiveness.

Nitya values harmony and empathy and wishes to spread these virtues throughout her community. Supporting equality in women’s health is a cause that aligns with her moral values and a commitment she is passionate about.